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We will guide you every step of the way. From initial design to procuring decorations and painting to decor hanging, we will listen to your ideas and help make your decorated home dreams a reality.

BB Design Contractors is a woman owned and operated business, founded by a group of teachers and educators that were united through their common passion for design, elegance, comfort, and nurturing people. At BB Design Contractors, we take your dream and help you design it, then we turn it into a reality, guiding you every step of the way, from start to the completion of your project.

Design meets Contracting. When our Team helps You Dream and Design, It’s Done Right!
Design meets Contracting. When our Team helps You Dream and Design, It’s Done Right!

Meet The Team

Landscape Design Artist


Our very own Aggie, Texas A&M grad, Kathleen, holds her Bachelor of Science in Horticulture with an emphasis in landscape design. She has tackled large commercial projects in addition to the small residential projects. Her expertise of plants, irrigation, hardscaping, maintenance and sustainability of landscaping in the Texas heat will make your project the envy of the neighborhood! Kathleen also has a special passion for interiorscaping (indoor plants) and would love to make your house or space a plant-filled haven!

"We know the difference is in the details."

Architectural Desiger


Jackie is an innovative interior architectural designer with extensive experience in structural design elements of framing, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, metal fabrication, and ergonomics. She’s ready to create a space that is functional and beautiful all while consulting with you on decorative items, colors, paint, textures, and lighting that match your lifestyle and taste to make your space inviting and an oasis for you and your family!

Project Management


Rose holds a master’s degree from North Texas and grew up in the construction and real estate industry her entire life. She has a passion for interior and exterior design. She has done hundreds of independent consulting projects to plan spaces for existing and new spaces to create function for indoor and outdoor spaces. She also worked for a major restoration company for many years. She ensured the planning and accountability for million-dollar projects. She will communicate with local municipal districts and your HOA to ensure permits are no worries for you! Her goal is to ensure timely delivery of equipment and execution of your project!